Is Your Copy Of Gears Of War PC Busted? Here's Why

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Owners of the "Games For Windows" release of Gears Of War have found themselves unable to play the game they own today. The reason? An expired Windows digital certificate, which went digitally sour yesterday.


Epic Games' forum dwellers began kvetching about the issue within the past 24 hours, when presented with a warning that read "The certificate has expired or is not yet valid." Gears Of War PC players found that resetting their system clocks back to the day before the Verisign certificate expired or earlier let them play as normal.

Fortunately, Epic seems to be well aware of the problem, responding in the official forum with "We have been notified of the issue and are working with Microsoft to get it resolved."


Epic reps offered their apologies, opting not to point the finger at any party possibly responsible for the lapse in certificate renewal.

Given Microsoft's recent problems with keeping Zunes working on a day-to-day basis, we think we might know who the culprit is.

Modified executable code!! HELP!! [Epic Games Forums via Ripten]

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This is a Games for Windows Live problem. It hit Fallout 3 the day it was released if you tried to install on more than one machine. Microsoft is to blame and this is going to continue to be a problem so long as their retardedly broken DRM system exists.

Thanks, Microsoft, for probably eventually being the reason why PC gaming dies.