Is This The New Face Of PlayStation Home?

With PlayStation Home gearing up for a transformation from virtual world to viable gaming platform, concept art images depicting the new look for Sony's PlayStation 3 service have surfaced. Let's take a look!


The images, apparently sent to 4Player Co-Op via an anonymous user that discovered them in a marketing survey, depict a PlayStation Home in which people actually walk together through what looks like a gleaming shopping mall utopia, instead of just finding a place to dance and going idle.

Visitors in various fancy costumes will be able to browse the activities board, quickly whisked away to fun-filled activities while Batman watches on, stoic and reserved. Not even Chun-Li can crack his hardened shell.

It's a PlayStation Home in which people really, really want you to play C.O.G.S., and aren't afraid to construct massive gear-covered cubes with which to remind you.

Are these images real visions of Home's future, or merely pipe dreams? The version 1.5 update should reveal all in due time.


Kotaku contacted Sony Computer Entertainment America for comment on the leaked images, and were politely reminded that SCEA does not comment on rumor or speculation.


Leaked Concept Images for PlayStation Home Central Plaza [4Player Co-op - Thanks Dave!]

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