Is This The Most Niche Gaming Magazine In The World?

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Japan is no stranger to niche publications, and it's game magazines are not exception. There are mags for dating sims and arcade games, but even those aren't that off the beaten path. "Soccer Game King", however, is.


The entire magazine is dedicated to soccer games! That's right, in 2010, when everyone is reading everything online, there is a paper magazine about soccer games and only soccer games.

The debut issue goes on sale this month and features Tomomi Itano, a popular singer of female idol group AKB48. The magazine includes a free "starter pack" for card-based soccer game WCCF.


"People that play soccer are cool," she says in the mag. "Among junior high after soccer activities, the soccer club was popular."

Continuing, she adds, "I liked one of the guys on the soccer team. It's because I'm a soccer girl," she said laughing. This magazine is about video game soccer! And niche as this may be, the publication is apparently selling out.

「サッカー部の男の子を好きになったことがあります」 [サポティスタ]

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Anyone remember this?

Pretty much my favorite soccer video game of all time. Hell I still turn on my SNES just to play this.

It should make a come-back, make it HD and add some multiplayer.