Is This New Beyond Good & Evil 2 Footage?

We've gotten our hands on some footage that appears to be for Ubisoft's Beyond Good & Evil 2, the sequel to the underappreciated 2003 title.

The footage shows a woman dressed very much like Jade was dressed in the 2008 announcement teaser for Beyond Good & Evil 2, running through a rundown looking town, avoiding police, climbing on top of a building and then making her ultimate escape via an orange helicopter. The visuals certainly match what little we've seen of the game so far.


A tipster directed us to the video. If this turns out to not be from Beyond Good & Evil 2, I'd suggest Ubi steal it and use it, as it looks amazing.

Thanks Alan for directing us to the vid!


Vin St. John

As everyone's pointed out, they're giving an idea of what gameplay will be about in the game - (which I guess is... Mirror's Edge... with talking pigs) - but not showing actual gameplay footage.

But that doesn't mean it's "pre-rendered." Pre-rendered just describes whether or not the graphics are actually being drawn on-the-fly by the hardware, or if they're sitting on a machine rendering for an hour for that one-minute clip. Those are mighty fine graphics, but it's not completely impossible that that was running live, in-engine.