Is This Mostly-Forgotten Square Enix Game Worth Revisiting?

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In today's nostalgic Speak Up on Kotaku, commenter Daemon_Gildas imagines a world where Square Enix's The Bouncer didn't bounce from the hearts and minds of gamers so quickly.


Does anybody else kinda wish Square Enix would do something with The Bouncer?

The game wasn't a great game or anything, but I thought they actually made a surprisingly interesting world and set of characters, and the character-designs were some of Tetsuya Nomura's best.

I just think, if Squeenix treated it as a real, primary project, gave it a more visceral sort of combat system, and maybe gave it kind of a Grand Theft Auto style of mission-hub, I could see something like that being very, very interesting — even as someone who doesn't normally find Nomura's character-design all that appealing.

That, or they could try and relaunch it as a Fighting series. After all, it would fit perfectly, and now's the time to do it if they were to consider it. There's definitely some stiff competition, but if they played it smart and made sure to avoid releasing it within 3 months of a Capcom or Netherrealm Fighter, I could see something like that being quite interesting.

Like I said, The Bouncer wasn't some amazing game, but for all its flaws, I think it actually had a lot of ambition, and really made itself a great setting and cast of characters.

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There are a LOT of things that have been nearly forgotten by Square-Enix. Here, I'll just name a few right off the top...

Radiata Stories


Threads of Fate

Secret of Mana

Kingdom Hearts (Nevermind, just kill this series wink, nudge)


...I could keep going for a good while, but I'm sure a lot of people know where I'm coming from...