Is There More Pokémon Incoming?

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If this blurry magazine scan is to be believed, then a new Pokémon game is right around the corner.


This scan is apparently from the upcoming issue of Dengeki Nintendo magazine and reads "the latest news on the newest Pokémon title".

So if this scan is the real deal, does that mean a new spin-off title or a new game in the main series? A new title in the main series still feels a little early...

Kotaku is following up with Nintendo for comment.

時の神殿/影の宮殿   5月21日発売のデンゲキニンテンドーDSでポケモン最新作発表!? [時の神殿/影の宮殿 via Siliconera]


The Squid

That would be potentially irritating. Nintendo said there wouldn't be a "special edition" for Black and White, which I assumed meant they wanted to start work on a 3DS Pokemon as soon as possible. But as was suggested before, it could've been just to make people buy Black and White and not wait for the special edition. Sigh.