As the wheels of Nintendo's next console slowly begin to spin, commenter Wrackune suggests the Wii is the greatest Nintendo console gifted to man thus far in today's Speak-Up on Kotaku.

Now that the Wii's time is nearing its end, I'm saying this: The Wii is Nintendo's best home console. When I say this, I speak from a Nintendo console line comparatively, not about how the Wii stacks up against its competition.


The Wii has a sea of shovelware, but no one is making you buy any of it. It has terrible online support, but were you scorned by a game's lack of it? You didn't buy Zelda hoping for some kind of online feature. You didn't really buy Super Smash Bros. Brawl to find randoms online to beat. The Wii's library has a solid 30 games with which you can't go wrong, so who's still complaining about lack of software? It wasn't sold at some exorbitant price and it hasn't ignored its main franchises, or for that matter, detracted from them (if the thought of Metroid: Other M nauseates you, then play Metroid Prime: Trilogy). I'm not even including the fact that it's backwards compatible and has Virtual Console to fill in the old gaps as a reason either.

The Wii has many faults, sure, but only when compared to its competition, which is true for the Xbox and PS3. I can happily say I've enjoyed the Wii in its lifetime more than any other Nintendo home console I've purchased.

Who has honestly bought a Wii and regretted it? If you have, why? How has it failed to top what its predecessors have done?

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