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Is The 3DS Suffering From A "Black Screen Of Death"?

Illustration for article titled Is The 3DS Suffering From A Black Screen Of Death?

Now that the 3DS is in the hands of customers across the Western world, people are finally playing the thing in large numbers. Large enough, it seems, to have found a "black screen of death" error affecting the handheld.


It doesn't seem terribly widespread, so don't panic. But those who have encountered the error have stated it has appeared playing a multitude of titles (including Ghost Recon, Street Fighter, Monkey Ball and Lego Star Wars) and at various times; sometimes while engaged in online play, other times using the menu system, and other times simple...playing.

While in some cases the suggested reboot has worked for some, others have reportedly had to return their consoles to Nintendo after repeated error messages.


Whether this is affecting 2% or 0.0002% of users, we don't know. All I know is, trust a Nintendo console to get a failure state that has such a cheeky, charming name.

We've contacted Nintendo for information on the matter, and will update if we hear back.

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I had that exact same error for a few days while on holiday somewhere last year... but on a DSi XL.

Contacted Nintendo and they wouldn't take it back under warranty without a receipt (I bought it 2nd hand so that invalidated the warranty)... even though there's supposed to be a 1 year warranty on all electronic goods according to European Law (and I'm in the UK), and the console hadn't even been out for a full year.

At this point I would have become extremely mad at them and... I dunno, written some extremely angry blog posts :P but then it started working again. And it's been working since.

I loaned it to my brother because his DS's touch screen started acting up.

In my family, we treat our consoles really well. Never scratched, dropped, had someone scrape a set of keys across the screens... all the stuff you see on faulty devices on ebay... and yet we had 2 DSes fail on us.

My faith in Nintendium is no more.

But I bought a 3DS anyway.