Is Super Street Fighter IV 3DS Setting The Bar For 3DS Game Prices?

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While Nintendo still mum on how much their 3DS games will cost when the handheld launches, Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition is already on sale in Capcom's store for $39.99. will this be the price for most 3DS games?

Retailers eager to secure preorders for the hottest Nintendo 3DS titles have been slapping $39.99 price tags on games like Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3DS Mario Kart 3DS for quite some time now, but the habit of outlets like Amazon and GameStop using placeholder prices in order to facilitate preorders has made them unreliable sources for pricing information outside of official sources.


Well it doesn't get as official as a game's developer and publisher, does it?

Capcom has pasted a $39.99 price tag on Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition for the 3DS, with a bonus Ryu headband lanyard for anyone that buys the game through the company's store.

This doesn't necessarily mean that all 3DS games will be released at that price, Super Street fighter IV is a major title for the handheld, and other major titles will likely fall on or close to this price.

This potential early indicator of average prices should come as a relief to North American customers who've seen Japanese 3DS game prices approaching those normally seen on full console titles.


Super Street Fighter® IV: 3D Edition (3DS) [Capcom Store - thanks ChillyBilly!]

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I've seen lots of people complaining about 3DS prices being $40 or so, but... I don't understand why it's a bad thing.

PSP games are usually around $40. DS games are $30-40. When the 360 came out, I remember their games being about $70, compared to the $50 of the PS2's library. It's a reasonable increase.