You may have read a few reports this morning concerning the fate of Street Fighter II HD Remix in Europe, and how it has been delayed due to "faults and other problems". But...has it really?

The original report claimed that the game was stuck in testing at SCEE, and had to be "redone" thanks to "faults and other problems". Those quotes were attributed to Capcom UK's Leo Tan.

So it's strange that, following up on the story, we were told the following by...Capcom UK's Leo Tan.

Just to confirm, I have not spoken to that site and did not offer any information on the delay of HD Remix in Europe.

We are keen to release Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix on PSN in Europe and we understand that demand for this game is high. We're looking to resolve the situation as soon as we possibly can.


So he says didn't speak directly to the site in question. That's clear. Note, though, that he says squat (SQUAT!) on the more important issue; namely, why the game's taking so damn long to turn up.

Leaving us back where we started. How depressing.