Is Monster Hunter Tri Heading Westward?

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A listing on the Capcom press sight shows Monster Hunter Tri as an upcoming release with a to be determined release date? Is this confirmation that the game is coming stateside?


Not necessarily. While the assets posted at the press site and the listing itself is causing a stir about the internets, a closer look at said assets reveals that they were posted in October of last year. Capcom's Chris Kramer reminds us.

We posted some MH Tri assets from TGS back in October, remember? We were also showing the Japanese demo in our suite at the New Otani as a way for North American media to see everything on the show floor without having to wait in line.

In other words, there's no confirmation here. In order to post assets under a title's name on the Capcom press site, the game has to have a listing, hence the listing as a TBD title.



im not familiar with this series. is it a third sequel of something? im asking, cause Tri, besides sounding like Three also meanse Three in Croatian (its actually spelled that way)