Is Japan Interested In 3D TVs? Survey Says...

In The Land of the Rising Sun, electronics manufacturers like Sony and Panasonic are rolling out 3D televisions. Sony, in particular, shows great interest in 3D with its TVs and 3D-ready PlayStation 3. Japan, however, does not.

According to survey that polled 8,957 individuals, 70 percent said they were turned off by wearing 3D glasses and 57 percent said the price was too high.


Out of those polled, 67.4 percent stated they had no interest in purchasing a 3D TV. However, 31.2 percent stated they were interested in buying one.

Nearly 9 thousand individuals is certainly a healthy sample. And if 31.2 percent of the entire Japanese population bought new 3D television, that would seem to translate into healthy sales.

It also seems like the 3D glasses and the high price are the two major turnoffs for Japanese consumers — two thing that Nintendo appears it will be side-stepping with its 3D glasses-free Nintendo 3DS.

Japanese not keen to go four-eyed for 3D TV [Reuters via">VG247 via Gizmodo] [Pic]


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