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If you asked Meterora3255 if he liked Uncharted 2 he'll tell you he never played it, but that's a lie. You see, Meteora3255 has a dirty secret. He didn't like Uncharted 2. He tried to hide his true feelings at first, but as we all know, the gaming community can be cruel and shamed him into silence, until now. So what games don't live up to the hype in your mind and how do you deal with this form of gamer adversity? Don't worry, you're safe here. Kind of.


Have you ever played a game that everyone praises to high heaven and you just don't see why? How do you deal with it? For me, most recently, that game was Uncharted 2. I bought a PS3 specifically because of Heavy Rain and Uncharted 2. After all the praise and hearing about how Uncharted 2 was a must play experience I threw down for the PS3. I was so excited to finally have a chance to experience this jewel of gaming. When I finally played it I came away so underwhelmed and disappointed that I actually ended up selling my PS3 for $150 and a DSi as Uncharted 3 no longer appealed to me (nor did any of the other exclusives).

At first I just didn't tell anyone about my feelings on Uncharted 2 as the response was always some variation of "You don't know what you are talking about," usually worded less politely. Eventually I got to the point where I just pretended to have never played it because I felt that not playing it hurt my "hardcore" gamer cred less than disliking it. Now I can finally stand up and say I don't think Uncharted 2 was anywhere near as good as the hype and praise say.


So how do you deal with it when you don't like a game that everyone else loves and praises?

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