Is It Cool To Out Yourself As A Gamer Yet?

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Short answer: no. The slightly longer answer is no, thanks to developmentally retarded and over-sexualized "mature" video games, brain-dead stories, obsessive nitpicking nerds, and embarrassing entitlement issues. The very long version at Cracked is more amusing than depressing, thankfully. [Cracked]

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5.) Gamers themselves are the only people I know who perpetuate the stereotype that fellow gamers are basement nerds, virgins, etc. Gaming, as a whole, has reached such a wide audience, that most people who game no longer fit such a stereotype. I think that stigma is still attached to the "nerd" or "geek" label to some extent, but a "gamer" is no longer exclusively labeled as a nerd anymore. They are separate entities.

4.) If your reputation as a "mature, upstanding member of society" is defiled by the sex minigame in God of War, chances are it would also be defiled by the fact that you are disemboweling enemies, chopping their limbs off, ripping their heads off, and brutalizing them from a first person view. The sex is not the part that stained your maturity.

Nonetheless, when did violent, brutal, and sex-filled content make us "adolescent douchebags"? Was Saving Private Ryan a movie for "adolescent douchebags" because it was violent? Was Requiem for a Dream a movie for "adolescent douchebags" because it had sex scenes? I mean, where is this association coming from that this type of material isn't for mature, cultured individuals? If that's the world you live in, I want no part of it, thank you kindly.

3.) Shadow of the Colossus. Uncharted 2. Heavy Rain. God of War. (most) Final Fantasies. Mass Effect. Sure, not every game has an absolutely brilliant story, but to act like every game boils down to running around and killing things is a fallacy. And since Cracked is so keep on the movie comparisons, lets stick with it: What are most action movies about? Crap blowing up, people/things getting killed, and a hero saving the day. Holy crap! That sure does sound a lot like those "B-movie videogames" you're referring to.

Lets not forget, most movies don't exactly have brilliant and engaging stories either. They're just fun entertainment. Just like . . . *wait for it* . . . a videogame! You'll find art games, indie games, and all sorts in between that stimulate more than just your desire to see shit blow up, but you'll have to look for them, just like the Hurt Lockers and Slumdog Millionaires aren't the No.1 box office breakouts either.

2.) Haven't we learned to ignore the vocal minority now-a-days? That's really all there is to say about this point. People will always complain about anything and everything ("Does anyone else totally hate the new label on Hunt's Ketchup? I'm totally going to start buying Heinz now.") The sooner you learn to ignore this inane crap, the better off you will be.

1.) This is the only reasonable point that's been made, but even it sound more like a personal vendetta against PC gamers than it does a legit argument against piracy. If you want to get your point across, it would behoove you to not sound like a jaded fanboy. And when you support your argument by using the aforementioned vocal minority as your reasonable proof, you end up making yourself look as foolish as that guy who complained about having to buy additional games for his Wii.