Is Dead Or Alive: Paradise "Creepy"? Tecmo Says You Be The Judge

Illustration for article titled Is Dead Or Alive: Paradise "Creepy"? Tecmo Says You Be The Judge

It's not often that the ESRB describes a video game with such vigor as the ratings board did with Tecmo's Dead or Alive: Paradise. It's equally rare for a publisher to thank the ESRB for calling its game "creepy."


But that's how Tecmo Koei America is promoting the mini-game-filled, jiggle-packed Dead or Alive spin-off.

"Thank you ESRB for labeling the game 'cheesy,' 'creepy' and 'bizarre,'" read a new press release sent our way. Sure, that press release also highlights the marketable points, that Dead or Alive: Paradise lets players "mingle, flirt, play, take snapshots and challenge them in mini-games found throughout the island." And there's a Valentine's Day card, of sorts, that asks you to "get your heart on." Clearly Tecmo is not offended.

So, armed with that knowledge, maybe having looked at some of the game's older screens and the its NSFW trailer, it's time to judge. Creepy? Or just bizarrely cheesy?

Maybe a palmful of new gameplay screens that look more realistic for a PSP game will help.



The polemic around this game proves once again how moralist, tabboo and prejudice filled western society is.

That's exactly why I don't give a rat's ass anymore to people who labels things (or specially other people) creepy, cheesy or bizarre.

It's just another way of saying "I don't like it, or I don't feel confortable with it, so neither should others".

Ok, off the rant back to the game. If the games are fun, I have no problems with it. But if I was aiming for the girls, I'd really get an XBox 360... PSP renders are just not good enough.