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Is David Hayter Playing Snake In MGS5? We'll Find Out Next Week.

Ever since David Hayter tearfully announced that he wouldn't be returning as Snake for the next Metal Gear Solid game, I've had a gut feeling that he will be returning as Snake.


Get this: the longtime Snake voice actor tweeted yesterday that he'll be making an appearance at E3 in a week and a half:


And today, Konami sent out the above teaser video for their pre-E3 conference on Thursday, June 6. They're going to take that opportunity to announce who's voicing Snake this time around.

My guess? Come on. Leave it to Hideo Kojima to tease us into thinking that Hayter is gone, only to surprise us again two months later. Dude likes his mindfucks.

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Pepe Thunder

If Hayter is gone it still makes sense because Big Boss' voice changed by the time of MGS4. In fact it would be best to change his voice slightly this time around so when the eventual Metal Gear 1-2 remake is announced, you dont have Snake giving Snake orders in the same exact voice. Awkwaaaaaaard...