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Is Console Gaming Better on the Couch or At a Desk?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

What kind of gamer trades the comfort of a couch and a big-screen television for a computer desk and a pair of monitors? Commenter Faux Bravo does unless someone talks him out of it in today's Speak Up on Kotaku.

So I've been thinking of Craigslist-ing my TV and purchasing one to two additional computer monitors and a desk. I currently have a weird gaming setup that really isn't very comfortable.


Does anyone do all their gaming, including console, from the "comfort" of an office chair? I was thinking having everything in one location would be pretty awesome. If I had my computer running one or two monitors (a larger one for gaming) and another monitor for my PlayStation 3.

I'm all for the couch or bed, but I really like to sit close when I'm gaming and that kind of defeats the need for a large TV (I currently have an older 42" Sony LCD). Are there downsides that I'm not thinking of? Has anyone run into things they dislike about always gaming at a desk?


Now I need to find some decent, cheap monitors and a desk. It's hard to find desks that don't suck at stores. The ones that aren't terrible cost WAY too much.

This is a major, life-changing decision I'm making here. Argh!

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