Is Bungie Really "The Last Remaining High Quality Independent Developer"?

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Corporate "he said, she said" can be a little boring at times, but Activision boss Bobby Kotick calling Halo creators Bungie "the last remaining high quality independent developer" is too good to pass up.


Speaking at an investor's meeting, Kotick said "Bungie are a very unusual company. They're probably the last remaining high quality independent developer."

That's not just a swipe at, well, every independent developer on Earth. It was also aimed at Microsoft.

"When they started the process of looking for a new partner, they'd been in business with Microsoft. They had a vision for a product they wanted to create that needed certain skills and capabilities - that Microsoft had some of.

"But as they started to go and look at the obvious candidates, they realised that no company other than Activision had the skills that they needed to be successful for the vision of that product."

Oh, to be so rich and powerful that you can put on a suit and make money trolling. That's the life.

Bobby Kotick insults every indie developer on the planet... except Bungie [CVG]



For a second, I was going to go "no, you're full of shit."

Then I realized he has a point. Nearly every good developer is already signed with a publisher.

He forgot Valve, but for the rest part... yeah, I'm having a hard time thinking of any other awesome independent devs. Monolith, maybe? But they haven't made a fantastic game since FEAR. Bioware's with EA, Dice is with EA, if Respawn ends up being as good as Infinity Ward and 2152 (or whatever they were), they'll be with EA... and on and on I could go.

Actually, Valve has EA do their boxed distribution...