Is a 3DS XL Incoming?

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In spring 2010, Hitachi showed off a 3.1 inch screen that could reproduce 3D graphics without graphics, shortly after Sharp revealed a 3.4 inch one.


At that time, rumors swirled that either Hitachi or Sharp would be providing the 3D top screen for the then unreleased 3DS. Since then, details have been scant about who exactly provided the 3D screen.

Today in Japan, Hitachi revealed a new 4.5-inch glasses-free screen, leading to speculation online that Nintendo is readying a 3DS XL. In the past Nintendo stated that customers should not wait for a new 3DS hardware iteration.

Granted, a 4.5-inch, 1,280×720 dot glasses-free 3D screen has an array of uses, from larger tablet smartphones to digital camera screens.

But with the 3DS seeming to struggle, a new hardware iteration with a bigger screen and (hopefully) a better battery life could be exactly what the 3DS needs. 3DS Extra Lite, please! Especially with Sony readying the PS Vita.

Kotaku is following up with Nintendo and will update this post should the company comment.

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日立、4.5型1,280×720ドットの裸眼3D IPS液晶 〜2D時より3D時の方が高輝度な液晶レンズ方式 [PC Watch]


Jigsaw Complex

Dear Nintendo,

I love Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing, and Pokemon. I have learned through trial and error that i am not a Wii owner. You lost me for this generation and probably the next.

I've also come to terms with he fact i can never own one of your handheld consoles again. Besides the fact that the above 3 mentioned titles and a handful of others are the only reasons i would buy your product, i don't like buying something only to have to render it obsolete in less then 6-9 months.

So sadly, as much as i want the few gems Nintendo makes, i cannot justifyit for 2 important reason.

1: The Nintendo Seal of quality: what happened to it?

2: When did Nintendo become Apple? Make a product right the first time.