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The video game version of Iron Man 2 ships alongside the movie next month. Sega Studios San Francisco, the team that developed that video game, is no more as of today.

Sega is officially shutting down the developer of its two Iron Man games, the studio formerly known as Secret Level. The developer was best known for its work on a pair of Iron Man game adaptations and Golden Axe: Beast Rider, the latter of which found very few fans.


Rumors of the studio's closure began circulating yesterday—perhaps the worst day to hear that you're being canned—when Sega Nerds reported word of the developer's demise. Today, Sega confirmed that cutback, offering the following statement to Kotaku.

"SEGA of America is sad to announce the closure of SEGA Studios San Francisco. It is an immensely talented studio and we wish all the best to all of the staff in all their future endeavors. Moving forward, SEGA will continue to pursue external development opportunities all over the world and will continue to grow the renowned SEGA brand."

Sega Studios San Francisco's Iron Man 2 game ships on May 4 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, PSP, DS and PC. Sadly, the studio may not be able to take its lessons learned during the development of its final Iron Man game onto its next project.


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