Iron Man 3 Isn't Called Iron Patriot 3, But At Least The Latter Gets His Own Amazing Action Figure

He's a supporting character, second fiddle to Downey Jnr.'s gold-riddled heroics, but when it comes to flag-waving robot suit ass-kicking, nobody does it more American than Don Cheadle's Iron Patriot.

Hot Toys is releasing this figure based on the suit, and while it'll miss the theatrical release of the movie (it's out in May, while this figure isn't released until November), that's OK. It's nice enough to wait for.


Selling for $310 on Sideshow's site, he doesn't come with much gear (just some interchangeable hands and head), but that's made up for with the fact just about everything on him lights up like a Christmas tree.

Iron Patriot [Sideshow Collectibles]


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