Iran, of all Places, Double-Bans Battlefield 3

To be clear, the legal sale of Battlefield 3 in Iran has never exactly been widespread. But as is the way of the world, "street vendors" had been selling the game anyway, and according to reports that's resulted in a crackdown from Iranian authorities


While many retailers never even bothered stocking the game (in which you play various Americans blowing the shit out of Iran), anticipating such a move, a story from Lebanon's Daily Star reported those few who have tried now find themselves the target of raids and arrests.

This isn't surprising. What is surprising is EA's response, telling website IndustryGamers, "In that Battlefield 3 is not available for purchase in Iran, we can only hope the ban will help prevent pirated copies reaching consumers there".


Yeah. That'll work.

Iran bans US video game showing Tehran invasion [The Daily Star, via IndustryGamers]

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I just realized that the picture on the article is somewhat retarded... (can I still say retarded? I'm sorry.) the picture on the article is somewhat special needs person.

Anywho, the soldier with the M4, he does not have the carrying handle attached which has the rear sight notch.

That's dumb because I guess he's supposed to be aiming with the weapon at something, but without the rear sight that's pretty difficult to do.