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CNN has an interesting take on the recent iPhone boom for game developers. They tracked down Steve Demeter, the guy behind mega-hit Trism, to find out that in the first two months alone his game netted him $250,000. Keep in mind that's only 70 percent of the total haul and that he raked that in at $5 a pop. Sheesh, that's a downloaded game. With the success of Trism to ride, Demeter recently quit his job at a bank and is devoting all of his time to developing games for the iPhone. Next up, Demeter and his staff of five, are working on five games, with two coming out by Christmas. One of the new titles is called Trismology and will be a spin-off on Trism. Any bets on whether it will be a role-playing blend of the puzzler, ala Puzzle Quest? Developer strikes it rich with iPhone game [CNN]


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Is that the same Demiforce who released EarthBound 0 to the Web, and Help work on Mother 3?