Command and Conquer: Red Alert for the iPhone is now available in the iTunes App Store, with an optional skirmish map pack and more paid DLC on the horizon.

Red Alert for the iPhone is a new handheld version of the classic real-time strategy game. It's trimmed down quite a bit, but it uses the iPhone's multi-touch capability to pinch-zoom and maneuver units around the map, so there's definitely enough new there to warrant a purchase. Plus, once you make it through the Soviet and Allies campaign and 12 levels of Skirmish gameplay, EA already has six more skirmish maps you can download for $.99 directly through the in-game store, with an Empire of the Rising Sun expansion pack in the works that introduces a third faction to the mix.


Purchase the game now for $9.99 to get some practice in before the free multiplayer update hits, allowing friends to take to the battlefield via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It looks like EA is planning to squeeze as much out of the iPhone Red Alert as they possibly can. Will you be buying?

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