"iPhone Is The Future of Gameplay"

Says who? Says Apple, that's who. In an interview with gadget website T3, Apple iPhone and iPod marketer Greg Joswiak says:

There are already so many games and as we look at it, to us it really seems this is the future of gameplay. Whereas a lot of these devices [Nintendo DS and Sony PSP] are more in the past. And a big part of that is not just the device itself, which is easier to carry, and has the touch display and accelerometer which is great for gameplay, but it’s the electronic distribution of the apps as well.


Spoken like a true marketer! Joswaik goes on to say that the iPhone's computer and graphic power is greater than the DS's. Nothing like the sound of casual gaming smack talk. It's so...casual. T3 interview with Apple's Greg Joswiak [T3 via 1Up] [Pic]

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