iPhone Game Sells Extra Lives Through In-App Store

Illustration for article titled iPhone Game Sells Extra Lives Through In-App Store

Popular touch title Parachute Panic recently updated their iPhone and iPod Touch game with an interesting in-store item.


Once updated to the latest version, gamers can choose to spent 99 cents to unlock another five lives for the 99 cent game.

The more patient can choose to max out their in-game lives by playing the game. You can upgrade for free by reaching scores of 50, 150, 300, 500 and 1,000, earning an extra life for every milestone.

But the lazy among us can essentially double the price of the title by paying to skip the work and start out every time with ten lives.

Good idea or the sign of bad things to come? You decide.



Wasn't the whole point of consoles and handhelds was so that we DIDN'T have to pay for each life at arcades? #parachutepanic