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Yesterday, a report surfaced that after Apple lost a lawsuit over the term "iPad" in China, the tablet was getting pulled from the country's shops.

Via sister site Gizmodo, the news was that the Chinese Administrations of Industry and Commerce was seizing iPads.


Officials at Shijiazhuang Industrial and Commercial Administrative Bureau, however, were confiscating the device in Shijiazhuang, capital of Hebei Province, reported Shanghai Daily.

The move appears to be entangled in bureaucratic red tape and largely local. Officials at the Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Administrative Bureau stated there were no orders to pull iPads from store shelves. The device is still on sale in both Shanghai and, according to Kotaku East correspondent Eric Jou, Beijing.

The country's gray market is, no doubt, ignoring the court ruling altogether.


Proview Technology's Hong Kong branch sold Apple the "iPad" name, but last year, Apple lost a court case in China regarding the use of that name.

According to Chinese newssite Xinhua (via China Daily), the company is filing a complaint with the Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce as well as appealing to three courts in other places: Shenzhen Futian District People's Court, Huizhou Municipal Intermediate People's Court and Shanghai Pudong New Area People's Court.


Apple, meanwhile, continues to produce the iPad in China.

Authorities seize iPads in dispute over name [Shangahi Daily]

(Top photo: Eugene Hoshiko | AP)

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