Introducing Pixel and Sprite, the New Cats in Town

I told you there'd be cats.

No one cat could possibly take the place of Rande, my unofficial writing partner of several years. So I got two.

The black and white lanky one is Sprite. The pretty white one is Pixel. They are brothers, and like many brothers, they enjoy a good scrap. They also enjoy the expensive things I bought to keep my twin boys occupied. This is perfectly fine, because my twin boys are busy eating the paperback Doctor Who novels they learned how to forcibly remove from my bookshelves.


Pixel and Sprite were adopted from Furkids.Org, a Georgia-based non-profit charity organization that boasts the largest no-kill cage-free shelter in the state, housing up to 275 cats a day. They've got puppies, dogs, kittens, cats; they've even got a separate house for FIV+ cats. I filled out an application, paid a modest adoption fee, and suddenly I was the parent of two more twin boys. FurKids takes care of neutering, shots, flea treatment, claw clipping and more. I just have to promise not to declaw them and not to engage in the ancient sport of cat juggling.

One out of two isn't bad.

You'll likely be seeing a lot more of these two. They have a tendency to run into frame, fall out of frame and eat anything resembling a camera. Or an object. They kinda chew things.

Thanks for watching Kotaku Off-Catler.

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Wait... my cat's name is Pixel... shit.