How many people are banned on Steam for cheating? What are your odds of being an eSports athlete? What are your chances of winning in Hearthstone if you go first? How many seconds can you survive in space without a spacesuit? Our newest Kotaku blog,, has the numerical answers.

Kotaku number-cruncher Dan Starkey will use this new site to calculate and highlight the most interesting numbers and stats in gaming and the culture around it. You can see some of his posts linked above. He's got a lot of great ideas. None involve making you do too much math. Don't worry.

Rest assured, we'll be cross-posting Dan's most interesting numerical work to the Kotaku mothership, but if you'd prefer, you can leave our word-loving land and just hang out at the ridiculously-slick-looking full-time. The site looks particularly good on mobile.

May increase your happiness and knowledge about video games by at least 84.3%!


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