To: Ash From: Crecente Re: Mmmmmm... Meat So yesterday we decided to go by the local animal shelter and pick up a very early Christmas present for Tristan: A puppy. That makes three dogs for us: A Border Collie, a Greyhound and now a long-haired Chihuahua mix. We’ve always adopted our dogs from shelters and usually try to get the older ones because they tend to go for adoption last, but I felt it was really important for Tristan to be able to experience having a puppy as a child. The dog came pre-named Little Foot, but because I can never seem to be able to get gaming off my mind I keep calling him LittleBigFoot. I gotta stop that, though he’s cute enough to live up to the name. Man, I forgot how much like babies, puppies are. Last night we had to get up every two hours and he was so nervous about our house I ended up placing his bed next to ours and sleeping with my hand dangling over him all night. Fortunately I still had fingers in the morning, despite his chewing. What you missed: The Rush To Review One Amazing Fallout 3 Lawn Ornament Sega Confirmed As Conduit For The Conduit Mirror's Edge Demo Hits This Week Fallout 3 Review: Wasting Away Again In Radiationville 2009 Nissan 370Z Gets Need For Speed Premiere Are The Beatles Coming to Rock Band 2 and Not Guitar Hero? Retailers Say Grand Theft Auto IV PC Delayed To Dec. 2 Netflix "Watch Instantly" In HD Coming First To Xbox 360

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