Introducing Kotaku Social, Our New Twitter Account

Twitter can be bad; that’s why we’ve decided to make it better, or at least a little more fun. We’re excited to launch our new Twitter account: Kotaku Social.

On Kotaku Social, there will be zero subtweeting of any kind. There will be no filtered selfies (unless I accidentally tweet from the Kotaku account, which has happened before). Instead, there will be fun, and there will be games! There will be puzzles, and the solving of those puzzles, as a community. Exciting adventures into dark dungeons, abandoned cities and wherever else our imaginations take us. You might even get to take part in some of our videos, right here on Kotaku Dot Com. (More details to come on that front.) It’s a totally new kind of Twitter account, something we haven’t tried before, so it’ll be a bit of an experiment.


It’s been a year (and some change) since I started at Kotaku. One of my favorite things about the community is its collective intense passion and enthusiasm for games. My job description involves some stressful days, but more often than not, I find myself starting each day excited to engage and banter with our readership. Inspired by that, I’m really happy (and a little anxious) to launch Kotaku Social: for, quite literally, fun and games.

Follow us on Twitter. Let’s have some fun.

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