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There are more gamers in the world today than ever before, but the vast majority isn't turning to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or Wii U for their interactive entertainment fix. They're logging into Facebook or opening up their smart phone's app store. These new, readily accessible gaming platforms have given birth to a new generation of gamers, and for this new generation there is Kotaku Mobile and Kotaku Social.


Long-time readers may have noticed that my articles have become increasingly mobile and social focused over the past two months. They may have even caught on to the fact that I've been building up a pair of tag pages within Kotaku proper, dedicated to all things social and mobile.

For the past two months I've been immersing myself in the world of mobile games. I've downloaded and played more than 100 games on Android, iOS and Windows Phone, a mere fraction of the millions of games downloaded on those platforms every day. I've been talking to developers and publishers, learning the ins and outs of the mobile market.

At the same time I've dived headlong into the social gaming scene, exploring everything from the traditional farming and city-building simulations to the emerging mid-core and hardcore social gaming scene, blurring the line between traditional and browser-based social games more every day. There was a time that I thought social games could never be as engaging and exciting as console games. Every day I'm discovering new titles that prove me wrong.

There are are amazing games coming out for both platforms every day. We've kept on top of the best (see the Best Games on iPhone, iPad, Android and Facebook). Now we'll stay on top of it all.

This is my new beat. This is what I do now. Of course one man cannot hope to cover every aspect of these growing gaming segments, but with a little help from my fellow Kotaku writers I'm giving it my best shot.


So stay tuned for much more on the social and mobile gaming fronts. Bookmark the Kotaku Mobile and Kotaku Social tag pages to keep on top of our coverage. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Whether you play games on a phone or Facebook or just know someone who does, I encourage you to check some of this stuff out. Keep an open mind. Share your favorite discoveries. Never stop gaming.


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Is it sad that I really got excited before clicking on the title thinking it would be to announce an official app for kotaku or a better browsing service for kotaku ?

I really hope there'll be a better mobile webpage one day... With commenting privleges . :(