Interplay Brings Back Original Fallout Designer

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Publisher Interplay continues to pick itself up and dust itself off, hoping to turn our warm memories of Earthworm Jim, Fallout and Freespace into cold hard cash. While the announcement of a newly relaunched web site generally doesn't get us pumped for an on-the-20 minute mark update, the re-hiring of designer Christopher "Chris" Taylor does. If you aren't familiar with Taylor's work, you've never played Fallout or Star Trek: Starfleet Command. (He's not to be confused with the more casual Chris Taylor, creator of titles like Dungeon Siege and Supreme Commander.) Interplay says that bringing Taylor back on board is just one of the additions to its "growing development studio." As long as we just leave Clayfighter alone, Interplay, remembering it was a cute curiosity for its time, we're on board with this whole shoring up thing you're doing. Interplay launches new web site; adds Chris Taylor to growing development team [Interplay - thanks, Mr. Blah!]



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