Internet Gaming Obsession Claims Another Life In China

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The dangers of internet addiction in China were demonstrated yesterday, when an unidentified 30-year-old man collapsed in an internet cafe outside of Beijing following three days of nonstop online gaming.


According to witnesses the man had been playing an online game at the internet cafe for three days, taking in little food or drink and getting absolutely no sleep whatsoever. He collapsed Monday evening, slipping into a coma. He later died at a nearby clinic.

The man had apparently spent more than 10,000 yuan ($1,500) on internet gaming in the past 30 days.


Police confiscated several computers from the internet cafe, but have ruled out homicide. The exact cause of death is currently being investigated.

It sounds to me like internet cafes in China need to be run by people responsible enough to meter usage. That a man can spend the better part of 36 hours sitting in front of a computer, slowly killing himself, without anyone attempting to stop him makes no sense to me whatsoever.

一男子连续上网数天后猝死 [ via FoxNews]

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This is truly sad, many people use games as an escape from reality and it gets to this point. You have to thing one thing tough... whose fault is it? Them selves for neglecting their needs or the game designers for making games that are so damn addicting (IE WOW), as David wong pointed out these games are addicting by nature so weaker willed people are screwed or people in rough times.

My opinion is the following, games shouldn't be assigned with addiction in mind, gamers should take proper precautions to prevent severe addiction (we are all addicted mildly) and last but not least the people around use should also assume responsibility for maintaining someone a live or looking out for someone especially the employees of the net cafe. I'm honestly tired of seeing this shit in the news. I personally think it's everyone fault.

I mean is this guy a moron for spending this much time playing a game? Probably but did he deserve to die? Not really how many times have you skipped meals because the game was just damn good? I know that I've done it a couple time, or you just want to binge on gaming after working on a big project or something. I honestly think that this guy was probably doing something to that effect. But just because we are gamers and enjoy these things to the point where it's un healthy doesn't mean we should perish. Look at people who enjoy writing/reading? This happens to them often. When someone loves something deeply they often forget about pressing matters. Needless to say we usually don't go as far as killing ourselves.

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