Instagram Manners And Tokyo Disneyland

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At Toon Town in Tokyo Disneyland, there is a photo spot area with a bunch of boxes. The spot has become even more popular thanks to social media. And now, it has apparently been fenced off to the public.


As My Game News Flash notes, this is what the area used to look like:

Photos like this appeared all over Instagram as well as Twitter.

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Now it is closed off.


What gives?


The boxes say “No step” as in don’t step on them. They weren’t built to withstand heavy loads, but rather, for little kids to open. If they’re not strong enough for people to step on, what makes someone think they’re okay to sit on?


Tokyo Disneyland has become increasingly popular as a play to take Instagram photos. But as Twitter user Mogumogu Drop points out, people should follow some basic rules when taking snaps.


Don’t climb up on stuff, don’t sit in the middle of the road, and think about others when taking photos. Basic manners like that.

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I mean, Disneyland is a place that wants to encourage people to take happy pictures and post them on social media, so that more people want to come to Disneyland.

I would have just fortified the boxes.  Why ruin free publicity.