Resistance 2, Insomniac Games' follow-up to PlayStation 3 launch title Resistance: Fall of Man, reviewed better than the original sci-fi first person shooter. So why is Insomniac so bummed about reception to that game?

The developer's senior community manager James Stevenson tells Videogamer that it was the long-running fan reaction to Resistance 2 that weighed heavily on the team. Stevenson laments that "the overall opinion of it is that it was a failure by fans, that Resistance 2 was a failure, because maybe the expectations were so high for it."

Stevenson bemoaned that negative fan feedback to Resistance 2's design choices was "like your dog turned on you."

Personally, I wasn't as big of a fan of the second Resistance as I was the first, even in light of the ample multiplayer component that Insomniac added to the game. Fortunately, for Stevenson's mental health, I was probably lower on the rabid fan totem than the rest of the community.


Insomniac Games' newest title, Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time, releases next week. Early reviews, from the critics at least, seem to be pretty positive.

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