At today's Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time Panel, Insomniac Games showed off some of the new weapons Ratchet and Clank will wield in the upcoming PlayStation 3 sequel, including the already revealed Spiral of Death.

That fan-submitted addition to the already deep Ratchet & Clank arsenal was revealed at an event earlier this week, with Insomniac's Brian Allgeier describing the device as a "deadly yo-yo." You can see how deadly that is in the video above, which also shows the triple saw blade upgraded version, the Spiral of Carnage.

Insomniac also revealed the Constructo line of weapons.

That comes in two parts, the Constructo Pistol and Constructo Bomb glove, each a highly customizable weapon.


The pistol features multiple stocks, barrels and ammo types, including single shots, auto shots, charge shots, ricocheting bullets, and rounds explode on contact. The look of the Constructo Pistol varies wildly from upgrade to upgrade, with one clearly showing a flamethrower type barrel.

The Constructo Bomb Glove is similarly varied, with napalm, shrapnel, and explosive bombs adding variety to the wearable weapons, as does an option to alter the area of explosive effect. Mods for both Constructo weapons can be found throughout the galaxy, rewarding exploration of the Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time universe.