Inside the Fallout 3 Airstream

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Hands-down the best booth on the Penny Arcade Expo show floor is Bethesda's Fallout 3 homage. The central booth features kiosks of playable Fallout 3, singed mannequins, and an honest to god Airstream motor home on a patch of faux grass surrounded by white picket fences. The Bethesda folks tell me that the Airstream is an authentic, not a replica, that the company purchased and then paid someone to clean-up and retro fit. Inside the refrigerated air of the mobile home is a wealth of retro goodies touched-up with a Fallout ambiance.There are, for instance, old Life magazines, a refrigerator packed with ice cold Nuka Colas, a wood panel framed flat screen television and a waffle iron of the future. You can tell it's from the future by the mini radar dish protruding from the top griddle. Bethesda apparently wanted to give the whole thing away at PAX but weren't able to because of tax issues. Man, that sucks because it would have made one sweet ride for a lucky gamer. Maybe they can donate it to Child's Play.


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Some companies just know how to market, Bethesda is one of them