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Inside South Korea's Penis Restaurant

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you miss the sign in Pocheon City for the restaurant Deolmusae, no worries. You can always look for the giant erect penis. Think I'm joking?

Note: This article contains content some readers might find objectionable.

Nope! Not joking!

[Photo: Joins]

Yes, I believe that's a dick oven. Wait until you see the wall map of weenies.

[Photo: OrangeCamp]

Or the road of weenies. That, and this is amazing, illuminate at night. Light-up dicks!

The phallus has long used symbolically throughout history and throughout the world. South Korea is no exception.

[Photo: Joins] The sigh says, "Welcome" in Korean.

As website My Seoul Searching recently pointed out, this two-story restaurant opened back in 1996. Originally, Deolmusae wasn't filled with cocks—that came apparently after a Buddhist priest said there was too much female energy in the restaurant. So, it seems, the restaurant owner decided it was necessary to balance that out with penis. Lots and lots of penis.

[Photos: My Seoul Searching]

[Photo: Daum]

There are many interesting phallic and vaginal crafts made on site, giving the restaurant an unique vibe.

[Photo: Daum]

Just look at all this wood!

[Photo: My Seoul Searching]

There are souvenirs available to purchase as well, including all-natural dick shaped soap.

[Photo: My Seoul Searching]

Some plates have penises. Others have vaginas. The food does look good.

[Photo: Daum]

Would you like some Korean rice wine? Men apparently get their cocktails served in vagina cups, while women get their drinks served in penis cups.

[Photo: pyonmw]

[Photo: Bottomdaum]

The reason for this is to balance out the male and the female powers, known as the eum-yang in Korean or, known more commonly to English speakers by its Chinese name, the yin-yang. As evident by the South Korean flag, the symbol, and the equilibrium it offers, is very important in South Korea.

[Photo: Joins]

And yes, this is a world map made from ceramic dicks.

[Photo: My Seoul Searching]

The sign hanging from a penis says, "Do not touch."

[Photo: Ohjs]

Well, that certainly is a lot to touch! Those hoping to visit, check out My Seoul Searching for directions in the link below.

Deulmusae: A Whole Lot of Penis in Pocheon [My Seoul Searching via Huffpo via Treason News]

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