Gaming PCs are like snowflakes: Sometimes they melt. Also, no two are exactly the same.

We already know that our readers generally prefer Nvidia graphics cards to AMD, but I'm curious about more specifics. Also, I just built a new PC, so I've got parts on the brain. My rig isn't as super-powered as the one Mike recently built, but it's respectable.

I thought I'd take the opportunity to ask you all what kind of rigs you use. Let's follow this template, so that everyone's sharing similar information:

PC Name: (The name you've given your PC on your home network)



Graphics Card:





Operating System:

When I last upgraded:

How it runs: (Here, just say how it runs, what kind of general performance you get with what settings, any weird things about it, etc.)

I'm curious to see what's inside your gaming PC, and hopeful that the answer isn't "cockroaches." Let's see some specs!