Detailed 3D Map Visualizes The Battle of Stalingrad

Russian art group in[visible] studio created a miniature real life version of the bloodiest battle of World War II. They used projection mapping to bring a small-scale model of the city ruins to life with planes and soldiers fighting. The result is incredibly realistic.


Projection mapping a popular process where an image is digitally processed and projected onto a 3D surface. Maybe schools will have installations like this in the future, but even board games or anything with minifigures would look crazy with a technique like this included.

Permanent projection installation for the State Museum “Stalingrad Battle”. 3D modeled, videomapped and blended simultaneously in a hardcore way - directly on the object, without any source sketches or drawings.


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I always thought calling it the Battle the of Stalingrad was a bit misleading. this thing was not so much a battle as it was a meat grinder.