Injustice 2 Gets New Patch After Previous One Deleted Players’ Items

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Injustice 2's latest patch has caused problems for a lot of players, including deleting their items. The development studio has since released another patch that prevents item deletion, but issues still abound.


The 1.10 patch for Injustice 2, released September 26th, led to many players reporting that updating their game caused them to lose shaders, virtual currency, and Gear they had unlocked. Gear is new to the series with Injustice 2, allowing players to change their character stats. It’s earned through loot boxes gained after matches. Players are saying that Gear they’ve grinded to earn has simply disappeared after updating to patch 1.10.

Injustice 2’s developer NetherRealm Studio and their publisher, WB Games, have acknowledged the issue and offered a solution—the tried and true “restart your game”—but players say the results have been inconsistent. Some players have gotten all their items back, while others aren’t seeing any results, even after trying multiple methods. After NetherRealms said on Twitter yesterday that there would a new patch “soon,” and today they released patch 1.11. Some players are reporting that the new patch makes it safe to update Injustice 2 without losing your Gear, but players who already downloaded 1.10 say their lost Gear hasn’t been restored. WB Games did not respond for comment by the time of publication.

If you happened to not download 1.10, count yourself as one of the lucky ones—your Gear and other items should be safe. If you did, it sucks to be the victim of a patch 1.10, but hopefully NetherRealm can offer a solution, or at least something to make up for the loss.


My only question: where Hellboy at?