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Infinite Crisis Is Shutting Down

Illustration for article titled iInfinite Crisis/i Is Shutting Down

It had a nice long run, but—wait, no it didn’t.

Having officially launched in March of this year, DC Comics MOBA Infinite Crisis will be shutting its doors on August 14, some six months later. The news was delivered via a forum post on the game’s official website from community manager Celestrata.

After much deliberation, we regret to announce the official shutdown of Infinite Crisis. We will end development efforts today and will close the service on August 14, 2015.

Between now and August 14th, the game will remain available to play completely free. If you have any questions, contact Customer Service for assistance at

This was an extremely difficult decision to make. On behalf of the entire Infinite Crisis team we want to thank all of you for your feedback, support and for joining together to create one of the best communities in gaming.


The Turbine-developed MOBA featuring the heroes and villains of DC Comics has been in open beta since March of 2014. Despite a strong cast of familiar characters, it failed to generate a fraction of the excitement or following of the games it sought to emulate.

As of last month the developers were still teasing months’ worth of new content, including characters Deathstroke, Dex-starr, Nightmare Catwoman, Solomon Grundy, and Zod.

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Infinite Crisis, aka - Batman, Alternative Batman, Alternative Alternative Batman, Vampire Batman and Batman Batman vs Other Batman, Super Batman, Steampunk Batman, Other Other Batman and that one Wonder Woman character who’s insanely overpowered and played by the only person actually playing Infinite Crisis because they like the game and not Batman