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Sony Pictures is working out a seven-figure deal with producers Avi and Ari Arad and screenwriter Sheldon Turner to bring the PlayStation 3 exclusive inFAMOUS to the silver screen.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Turner pitched the movie to Sony Pictures, which pre-emptively caught it, and the studio is now working out a deal for rights to adapt the game into a major motion picture. The Arad's are set to produce, just as they are producing the Uncharted: Drake's Fortune feature film.

As for Sheldon's take on the game, his comments are nothing if not heartening to fans of the Sucker Punch-developed, free-roaming superhero title.

"What excited me most about the game was it was the first of which I've come across that had a big idea and a character arc," Turner said. "It is, I believe, the future of gaming. The game, while big and fun, is at its core a love ballad to the underachiever, which is what our hero, Cole McGrath, is."


An underachiever who turns himself around rather quickly, but he certainly seems to have a firm grasp. Between that and the fact that the main character is so bland that any actor with a shaved head can play him, and we might have a winner here.

Scribe takes on 'inFAMOUS' [THR via Empire - Thanks Ris!]

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