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inFAMOUS Movie In The Works

Illustration for article titled inFAMOUS Movie In The Works

Sony Pictures is working out a seven-figure deal with producers Avi and Ari Arad and screenwriter Sheldon Turner to bring the PlayStation 3 exclusive inFAMOUS to the silver screen.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Turner pitched the movie to Sony Pictures, which pre-emptively caught it, and the studio is now working out a deal for rights to adapt the game into a major motion picture. The Arad's are set to produce, just as they are producing the Uncharted: Drake's Fortune feature film.

As for Sheldon's take on the game, his comments are nothing if not heartening to fans of the Sucker Punch-developed, free-roaming superhero title.

"What excited me most about the game was it was the first of which I've come across that had a big idea and a character arc," Turner said. "It is, I believe, the future of gaming. The game, while big and fun, is at its core a love ballad to the underachiever, which is what our hero, Cole McGrath, is."


An underachiever who turns himself around rather quickly, but he certainly seems to have a firm grasp. Between that and the fact that the main character is so bland that any actor with a shaved head can play him, and we might have a winner here.

Scribe takes on 'inFAMOUS' [THR via Empire - Thanks Ris!]

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I don't see what was so great about this game. The story was one of the worst I've seen. That Mona lady you don't even meet in the game. They introduced her in a comic cutscene and you just get to hear her talk over the radio for the WHOLE game. That's a big no no in video games. How are you suppposed to connect with a character when you never see them face to face in the game?

The game was filled with stuff like that and frankly I could care less how the story turned out. It's laughable how sucker punch had to tell most of the story by Cole talking to himself and some comic strips flashing on screen.