Infamous Gets "New" DLC, Sells Over 1 Million

Illustration for article titled Infamous Gets New DLC, Sells Over 1 Million

Poor Infamous. It's a good game, though one that's been overrun these past few months by titles demanding more of people's time/attention. So Sony figure, maybe some DLC will get you spinning the disc back up?


From December 10, the "Gigawatt Blades" superpower - which had previously been available only as a preorder incentive - will be released for free, for everyone. To quote Sony, it performs "massive damage".

Along with the new DLC, Sony also announced that the game will be dropped to $40, have its soundtrack released later this month, and has now sold 1.2 million copies.

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still havent done my good playthrough... are these blades general or are they good/bad specific?