This year's Independent Games Summit will include talks from the people behind World of Goo, Crayon Physics Deluxe, Audiosurf, Flower and EA's Play label. To name just a few.

The full list for the Game Developers Conference indie fest just hit the site. Here's a run down of what looks like some of the more interesting talks.


CRAYON PHYSICS DELUXE Postmortem by Kloonigames' Petri Purho.

The Four-Hour Game Design by Cactus

2D Boy: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Going Indie But Were Afraid to Ask by World of Goo's Ron Carmel and Kyle Gabler.

The Indie Advantage? A View from Both Sides by Rod Humble, head of EA's Play Label.

How Do You Manage Small Indie Teams? by THatGameCompany's Kellee Santiago.

Making LOVE in Your Bedroom by Eskil Steenberg creator of adventure game LOVE.

No Publisher? No Problem! iPhone for Indies by Adam Saltsman, creator of Wurdle, and Sergei Gourski, creator of Fieldrunners.


2008 IGF Finalist Overview

Check out the full list over on the GDC website.

Independent Games Summit Track

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