Indiana Jones & The Staff Of Kings Gameplay Footage

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Here's a trailer for Indiana Jones & The Staff of Kings. Specifically, the Wii version. Were you excited before? Then don't watch. Your excitement may be dampened somewhat.


Clearly, Lucasarts are being paid by the waggle on this, because it looks as obnoxious an overuse of the Wii's "unique" capabilities as you can get. Waggle to punch! Waggle to row! Waggle to whip! Forget Wii Fit, kids, the real workout is going to come from trying to get through a level of this game without your arms falling off.

Thankfully, the game is also due on the DS, PSP and PS2, so those looking for the same action with a less taxing control scheme will be well looked-after.


And those wishing this game was instead coming out on 360, PS3 and/or PC? Join us in making sad, frowny faces in the general direction of Lucasarts HQ.

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This doesn't look bad at all. Sure their's a lot of flailing and stuff but they did deliver on what they promised.


So you can't fault them on that.

Crap, even the graphics were good.