Increasingly Cool Russian President Suggests Warcraft Ripoff To Teach Russian History

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First Russian President Dimitri Medvedev joined Twitter. Next he visited Twitter and Apple HQs. Now he's suggesting that someone make a World of Warcraft knock-off to teach about his country's history.

I'm starting to like this guy.

"I've checked what's our youth are playing with, and most games are pseudo-historical and fantasy-based," The Moscow Times reports that Medvedev told a gathering of his culture and science councils at a joint session Friday.


"Take 'World of Warcraft.' … It's not all about destruction. It has a subtext about developing human civilization," Medvedev said. "We could try to make something similar if it's so popular - not globally, perhaps, but at the domestic level."

Next year is the 1,150th anniversary of Russia's statehood.

Medvedev Seeks 'Warcraft' Ripoff on Russian History [The Moscow Times]

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Aside from the fact that professing fondness for an aspiring dictator is inappropriate, even if you were capable of such a gross dropping of context as to forget that fact, just what he has said here should be enough to make you shiver.

What totalitarian hellhole hasn't "taught" its citizens an obviously false history as dictated from the head of the government? The idea that Medvedev, with all of the power of the state behind him, is "suggesting" history be taught in any way should be terrifying to Russians, and disturbing to the rest of us.

But no, he mentioned video games, so he's, like, totally awesome.