While some members took to congratulating Komesarj for the sex on Twitter, others within the worldwide incel community took to virtually tarring and feathering the newly minted sex-haver. Some even went so far as to harshly label Komesarj a “fakecel.”

“One taste of pussy pie and a man will turn his back on his friends just like that,” Twitter user Old Man Boy Pussy (it’s imperative that I disclose their name) wrote in a quote retweet.

“This is why the incel community will never start a movement and bring about change. It only takes one hoe to sacrifice herself and give some crumbs of pussy and the whole movement would collapse due to too many betraying,” another distraught incel wrote.


“Traitor,” said another.

Kotaku reached out to Komesarj for comment.


Don’t feel sorry for incels

In case you feel a twinge of sympathy for Komesarj, it bears repeating that incels are, at their core, misogynists who want the world to revolve around their false belief that women are only sexual objects, not people. This fact isn’t lost on the r/IncelTear subreddit, a community of 125,000 Redditors who spend their time sharing screenshots of the hateful, racist, violent, and often just bizarre shit incels say. As you’d guess, they were having a field day with the incel community’s “nuclear meltdown” over Komesarj getting laid.


“Nothing like admitting that their celibacy is voluntary,” Petite_Bait wrote.

“They really just ignore the whole ‘involuntary’ part of ‘involuntary celibate’ and then wonder why they’re not being taken seriously. Their entire identity is just being sad and miserable,” said SquidleyStudios.


“I love how easily they betray their real motives,” wrote someone called CanuckBuddy. “When other people question their community, incels hide behind the excuse that they’re just poor lonely isolated young men who just want to get laid—but the minute one of them does get laid they’re pissed about it. This is because it was never about getting a girl, it was always about male entitlement and punishing women for not bending to their exact whims.”

Incel civil war and the subsequent relinquishment of his moderator title aside, Komesarj appears to be taking his new life in stride. Komesarj even shared the surprising revelation that his new partner is aware that he was a former leader in the incel community and is chill with it(?).


Less surprisingly, the chaser to this bitter-tasting Malört shot of internet weirdness is that Komesarj followed up his post-nut clarity tweet with a mini-Twitter rant today in which he thanked his followers for being supportive in one line and blamed “bloodthirsty subhumans and commie they/thems” for perpetuating “the incel negative worldview” in another. You can take the player outta the incel community, but you can’t take the incel community’s fucked-up politics outta the player.