In Which You Pilot A Steam-Powered Victorian Spaceship To Mars

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Two Victorian gentlemen take to the stars in this interesting-looking puzzle-adventure called 39 Days To Mars.


The game, which popped up recently on Steam Greenlight and is slated for a 2015 release on Wii U and PC, features two 19th century explorers—"Sir Albert Wickes and The Right Honourable Clarence Baxter"—on their quest to reach planet Mars. You, and optionally, a co-op partner, need to keep the ship from getting destroyed and Albert and Baxter from dying on the trip as you slowly make your way towards your destination.

39 Days to Mars is a coffee-break game. The individual activities and clear in-game days make it perfect for playing in short sessions. With two lead characters it's possible to play co-operatively with a friend. There's a mix of action and at an estimated 20 minutes per expedition the game won't wear you out, leaving you fresh for a new adventure.

Most of the game is set in the HMS Fearful. To survive the trip to Mars, Albert and Baxter need to regularly eat, sleep, and amuse themselves (so as not to die of boredom). This would be easier if the fire hadn't run out of coal and if bedsprings weren't so squeaky. The Mechanical Navigation Computer has got a virus, the Interstellar Transport Engine is low on fuel, and Clarence snores. It will take all of your talents and a little bit of good luck to get both pilots to Mars in one piece.


There's a trailer, too! The game looks rather unique, and it kinda reminds me of that Verne-inspired submarine game (which managed to get greenlit, by the way).

If you're interested, follow the game on Indie DB and/or Steam Greenlight for updates.

39 Days to Mars - Teaser Trailer and Steam Greenlight [Indie DB]

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